Paintball and Word of Mouth

Paintball can be a gruff and tough sport. Hostility and rivalry on the field can sometimes cause things to get a bit out of hand. In the event that tempers flare due to the competetive nature that Paintball sometimes out in certain people, it’s important that you and your staff remove yourselves from the taking sides.

IN the rare occasion when someone become overzealous, first, treat everyone with respect and remain calm. Never take sides or talk behind anyone’s back. The person you are talking to today might be the person you disagree with next week.

If you want everyone to speak highly about your operation, you need to maintain a positive atmosphere. When problems arise, remind everyone that Paintball is a recreational event. Remeber, in five years, nothing that happens today will make any difference to anyone involved. On the other hand, how everyone reacts to a situation now only determines the extent of fun everyone has for the rest of the day.

Always keep in mind that you are your own best public relations department. Maintain a friendly atmosphere and engage everyone. Make a point to talk to as many people as you can. People will send their friends your way when they know you will treat them respectfully and fairly. People won’t remember the Referee’s calls, but they will remember how they felt while dealing with you.

Word of mouth advertising is a critical component to your success within an industry of peer pressure and influence. Ensure that everyone has something good to say about you and you will appeal to the masses!

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