Personalized business coaching

GI Sportz Direct’s staff can genuinely help you grow your business! From specific problem-solving to brainstorming about simple promotional ideas; from basic traffic-building concepts to suggesting complete loyalty-rewards programs, GI Sportz Direct’s deeply experienced staff helps you enhance your bottom line. Over time, your relationship with your GI Sports Account Manager will reward you with workable ideas that you can easily implement to expand walk-in traffic, gain new clientele, command stronger profit margins, and enhance your loyal client base.

Many methods are available to exchange ideas; an in-person visit from your personal Account Manager, or even a SKYPE tour of your facility, can reveal untapped resources and generate powerful suggestions. By attending one of many GI Sportz Direct Professional Business Seminars during a major national event, GI Sportz is committed to imparting proven techniques and vital information to aid you in expanding your business.

Start by sending your Account Manager photos of your signage, storefront, field entrance, merchandising and displays. Periodically schedule time late in the week with your Rep to discuss specific challenges you’ve faced; lost sales, customer conflicts, competitor challenges, customer price objections, and any cases where added points of view can arm you with workable solutions for the next time you face the same challenge. Remember, your success is literally our success!