Start-up Kits

Comprised exclusively of the industry’s most reliable, industrial-strength GameField RENTAL FLEET products, GI Sportz Direct’s “Start-Up Kits” deliver a solid, expandable foundation for the growth of your GameField equipment arsenal. With the confidence of your GI Sportz Kit purchases, you can focus on growing your business and thrilling your clientele, instead of troubleshooting unsuitable gear!

BUYER BEWARE! Your RENTALS will experience harsh and unbelievably brutal punishment. New GameField Operators never cease to be amazed at the absurd things that Renters will do to your gear. This is another subject where GI Sportz Direct’s decades of vast, personal industry experience becomes invaluable. While some suppliers continue to peddle a misguided “cheaper is better” approach in an effort to keep start-up costs down, GI Sportz – and every successful long-term Field operator – has proven that a RENTAL FLEET built upon solidly reliable merchandise has always delivered vastly superior long-term economy.

Think of every player’s rental set-up as a cash register: If a marker fails, you’ve unplugged a cash register and distracted a staff member to fix it! However, the very best quality Masks, Markers, Gas Systems and Referee Gear remain in your growing fleet for years into the future, but only if you purchase serious quality the first time. Don’t be fooled by offers from fly-by-night “bargain” suppliers. When it comes to your RENTAL FLEET, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

GI Sportz Direct prides itself in offering RENTAL FLEET products that you’ll swear by, instead of at! Get it right the 1st time; order your Start-Up Kits through GI Sportz Direct, and begin building a growing RENTAL FLEET of top quality, industrial strength, reliable gear!