DEALER SUPPORT from GI Sportz Direct comes in many forms. Whether you need last-minute tracking of delivery or advice on marker maintenance, the GI Sportz Staff includes some of the industry’s most experienced and resourceful people. Many suppliers describe their staff’s as “polite” or “friendly,” but GI Sportz strives for top people with a mantra to “persist until we succeed,” no matter what the challenge.

Whether your latest emergency requires a creative marketing imagination or a hands-on, “How-To” solution to an uncooperative compresser, GI Sportz Direct’s versatile team works together to find the solution, the best answer, or the needed skill-set within our vastly experienced team. Many GI Sportz’s staffers are former Field Operators, Retailers, Referees, Gun Techs, and Factory Reps for some of the industry’s premier goods.

From marketing to rental-fleet management, from solving surprise shipping snafu’s to designing field layouts, the GI Sportz Direct staff possesses the experience, determination, and Can-Do mentality to overcome almost any challenge you may face. In the rare case that your own Rep might not have the answer you need most urgently, it is almost invariably available in the next office, or one quick intercom call away in our nationwide networked phone and computer system. As an Authorized GI Sportz Dealer, rest assured; you’re in the most capable hands!