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Create a voice over montage with existing footage that shows the production plant, Truck as well as some speedball and scenario action footage, if possible include products as well…ending with all the main brand logos. G.I. SPORTZ Empire, VForce, JT, Tippmann, Spyder

This will be targeting Latin America tagline: The No.1 supplier for Paintball Products in Latin America: G.I.SPORTZ end with Big GI logo at the end and website.

Deadline …

Paintball Field Profile

Show the world all the great reasons why paintball player should go and visit your business.

Complete the form bellow and we will take care of the rest.


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What's Your Sign: The Magic of Effective Signs

To maximize your business traffic, your potential Customers in your area should be able to find your field or store literally by accident – when they’re not even looking for it! This requires signs that will draw attention, exude professionalism, and be totally readable in only a brief glance. Your sign is the very first impression most people will receive about your business, and as the saying goes, “You don’t get a …

Involving More Human Senses Makes $ense in Retailing

One of the most effective retail sales techniques known is to simply get your Customers to hold, touch, smell, hear, or actually wear your products. Marketing studies consistently prove that the more human senses you can involve in the Customer’s shopping experience, the higher the odds of completing a sale.

When a potential Customer looks at a displayed gun, mask, barrel, or tank on a wall or in a counter, it evokes only a mild mental …

The High Cost of “Cheap” Paint !?@?#$!%!&!

In any business, nobody wants to pay “too much” for the goods and products they resell. It just makes sound business sense to get the lowest price possible for your inventory, to achieve the highest margin that’s reasonably possible. However, efforts to cut costs too aggressively can often backfire. With consumables like paintballs, a commodity mentality tends to creep in, and many unwary field operators have been tricked into paying to LITTLE for …

Custom Flyer Design

Exclusive service for our clients. We design your flyers!!

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Become a G.I. Direct Dealer

By becoming a G.I. Direct dealer you have access to the most comprehensive Paintball Supply service in the industry.

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Paintball and Word of Mouth

Paintball can be a gruff and tough sport. Hostility and rivalry on the field can sometimes cause things to get a bit out of hand. In the event that tempers flare due to the competetive nature that Paintball sometimes out in certain people, it’s important that you and your staff remove yourselves from the taking sides.

IN the rare occasion when someone become overzealous, first, treat everyone with respect and …